Order Ahead
with 365 Dining

Faster Checkout for Elevated Service and Profits

Order Ahead with 365 Dining

Faster Checkout for Elevated Service and Profits

Boost sales with flexible ordering.

Upgrade your dining services with Order Ahead, a self-checkout ordering solution. Offer flexibility by letting customers order made-to-order meals for scheduled pickup via the 365Pay app or self-serve kiosks. Implementing Order Ahead saves labor, streamlines operations, and increases revenue with faster service and improved convenience.

Shorter Lines

Let customers skip the line by ordering when and how they want.

Tighter Operations

Optimize kitchen workflows with advanced notice to efficiently fulfill orders.

All-in-One Solutions

Integrate Order Ahead into the 365 Dining platform via the 365Pay app or self-service kiosks.

Boost Revenue

Easy ordering leads to repeat customers, while add-ons and customization options boost ticket size.

See Order Ahead in Action.

Powerful features for an enhanced dining experience

mm6 for markets security

Diverse Customization

Enhanced modifiers and prep options allow for order customization to fit individual tastes.

mm6 for markets increased market uptime

Informed Choices

Color-coded caloric thresholds displayed on items help consumers select options that align with their lifestyle and nutrition goals.

mm6 for markets easy management tools

Recommended Items

Suggest additional items to complement orders, enhancing the overall dining experience and boosting revenue. 


Improve Your Dining Solution