From the industry’s most versatile and flexible self-service solution, the 365Pico Platform, to the all-in-one modern cafeteria technology, 365Dining with OrderAhead, and to every other 365 self-service game-changer, we’ve been busy listening to what you and your consumers need! 365 is dedicated to developing best-in-class self-service technologies that bring superior convenience to people around the world.

So, what’s new from 365? Read on and get to know our latest innovation! Introducing the all-new 365 Touchless Vending — the best contactless vending experience in the industry using your very own smartphone and the 365Pay app and VE Contactless Solution.

Touchless vending has made snacking easier than ever! In partnering with VE, we were able to find that common denominator in their universal control board which works across a variety of vending machines to provide touchless vending.

These touchless kits create Bluetooth connections between a mobile device, using the 365Pay app, and a vending machine. This special technology requires no connectivity setup, it works just between the machine and the consumer’s phone!

“During the pandemic, 365 saw an incredible uptick in usage of our industry-leading 365Pay consumer app. Much of this was simply using the app to pay at a V5 MicroMarket kiosk or the new PicoCooler using the QR code in the app. That said, we also saw a record number of scan/pay transactions using 365Beacon, a rise in our new touchless coffee partnership with BUNN and café/dining order ahead transactions from 365Pay. Now touchless vending joins that same ‘swiss army knife for the convenience services industry’; 365Pay, where all five of these touchless transaction technologies come together in one easy place,” explained Ryan McWhirter, Vice President of Product.

How does it work?

With 365’s implementation of the VE integration all consumers need to do is find their compatible vending machines from within the 365Pay app (even when banked). Once connected over Bluetooth, the same physical keypad the consumer would otherwise need to touch is virtually projected into the 365Pay app. The consumer simply presses the corresponding selection in the 365Pay app and pays with their 365 global market account (GMA) for a seamless, touchless vending experience. With well over a dozen different keypad variations supported, we are confident that this solution could answer the immediate needs of our customers.

Learn more about how we can make your markets more touchless today!