Why am I seeing 365 Retail Markets as a charge on my bank statement?

Upon reviewing your bank statement, you notice charges from an unfamiliar merchant by the name of “365 Retail Markets, Troy MI” or “365 Market.” These charges are typically small in nature but still concerning as you do not recall purchasing anything from a vendor by that name. Rest assured that these charges are not malicious or fraudulent – they are legit!

Who is 365 Retail Markets?

We are the global leader in unattended retail technology, and we provide self-service checkout technologies that are used in micro markets, vending, and dining spaces around the world. If you see a charges from us, that means you are buying products through our technology.

What does that mean for you?

When you make a purchase that uses 365’s products, we manage the transaction and process the payment. These payment methods can include scanning the 365Pay app in your phone, using your debit or credit card or a fingerprint reader. As a result, our name shows up on your financial statement.

So, is 365 Retail Markets stocking my market?

No. The overall setup, stocking and maintenance of the food and beverages are from a local vending operator. That operator partnered with 365 Retail Markets to bring you the best available unattended retail technologies as part of your market.

How Will I Know When 365 is the Merchant?

Our products are quite recognizable, once you know what to look for. Get familiar with what our technologies look like here.

About 365 Retail Markets

365 Retail Markets is the global leader in unattended retail technology. Founded in 2008, 365 provides a full suite of best-in-class, self-service technologies for food service operators, including end-to-end integrated SaaS software, payment processing and point of-sale hardware. Today, the company’s technology solutions autonomously power food retail spaces at corporate offices, manufacturing and distribution facilities, and more, in order to provide compelling foodservice options for consumers. 365’s technology solutions include a growing suite of frictionless smart-stores, micro markets, vending, catering, and dining point-of-sale options to meet the expanding needs of customers. 365 continuously pioneers innovation in the industry with superior technology, strategic partnerships and ultimate flexibility in customization and branding.

Still have concerns?