If you’re headed to #TheNAMAShow in April, Chicago is home to a few extremely innovative self-service locations that you need to check-out while you’re there. Below, we’ve listed our favorite 5, including:

  • Amazon GO store
  • Hudson Nonstop at Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)
  • Aster Hall
  • District Brew Yards
  • NAMA Booth #400

Location #1: Amazon GO Store

There are actually 3 Amazon Go locations in Chicago:

  • Prudential Plaza
  • Franklin
  • Merchandize Mart

While each of these locations sells slightly different options, all three of these stores have a lot to offer, including hot breakfast food, baked goods, salads, wraps, espresso, wine & beer, bottled beverages, fountain drinks, and more.

To shop at one of these self-service locations, all you need is an Amazon account and the Amazon Shopping app downloaded on your phone. Simply open the app, pull up the “In-Store” QR code and scan it when entering.

While in the store, grab whatever you’d like and head out when you’re done. Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology automatically senses when products are removed from shelves and allows you to shop without actually having to scan purchases or wait in line.

Source: @hudsontbf on Instagram.

Location #2: Hudson Nonstop at MDW

If you’re looking for a first-of-its-kind contactless store, look no further than Chicago Midway International Airport.

In 2021, Hudson, one of the largest travel retailers in North America, opened a checkout-free store located in MDW. Powered by Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology, this new location allows customers to enter the store with just their credit card, pick up travel essentials, snacks and beverages, and make purchases all without having to wait in line or interact with any type of checkout technology.

While contactless technology is becoming popular across the board, it is especially important for high-traffic places, like airports, where travelers are not only sensitive about contact, but time. A checkout-free environment provides shoppers with peace of mind knowing that they can grab what they need before their flight, without having to wait in a potentially long line to make purchases.

Source: @asterhallchicago on Instagram.

Location #3: Aster Hall

Open daily from 11am-6pm, you can check out Aster Hall, a premium food court that is an entirely unattended retail experience, utilizing kiosks for self-service ordering upon entry into the space.

Once the consumer places and pays for their order on the kiosk, they receive a ticket that will indicate which vendor area (called “vaults”) to head to for food pickup. They can track the status of their order on digital screens indicating ‘In Progress’ or ‘Ready for Pickup’.

Aster Hall spans 2 floors and offers a variety of food and drink options, including 16 different vendors, some of which are Chicago favorites, like Small Cheval burgers.

Source: districtbrewyards.com.

Location #4: District Brew Yards

If you’re looking for a place to get a drink and catch up with colleagues, you’ll want to stop by District Brew Yards, a self-service beer hall.

At Distract Brew Yards, also known as “the Brew Yards,” you can pour your own beer and shop, all at one location.

The Brew Yards is a collective production brewery, which means it hosts a group of smaller breweries in one place. In this case, the Brew Yard is made up of 4 breweries, so you get to choose from 40 pour-your-own-draft options.

The best part? Nearly all beer served at the Brew Yards is sold in cans, so you can take your favorite flavors with you when you leave.

Location #5: NAMA Booth #400

If you’re interested in learning about the latest self-service retail technology from the global leader in unattended retail technology, come check out our NAMA booth #400, where we’ll be featuring a variety of products and technology, including:

Plus, when you stop by our booth, you can enter our daily raffle to win a FREE PicoMarket, PicoMarket+ or 365Beacon to expand your unattended retail capabilities with the latest in self-service technology.