The use of cashless credit card readers is a standout technology for boosting profits in unattended retail. To succeed in our industry, companies must deliver what customers want, when they want it, all while maximizing revenue. One cashless credit card reader that continues to be a cornerstone for foodservice operators is the PayPlus. These formidable devices aren’t merely a convenience for consumers; they’re a strategic tool for companies looking to boost sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and secure a significant return on investment.

PayPlus is a 4G, EMV compliant device that accepts credit, debit, touchless mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and the 365 Mobile Pay App. PayPlus makes it easy for your customers to swipe, tap, or dip to issue payment – increasing your overall sales. Plus, transactions are backed by the latest in PCI standards ensuring your customers information is safe and secure.

Provide maximum uptime for your customer. PayPlus credit card reader devices are powered by a 4G cellular network, which offers a fast, dependable connection for cashless communication. Select from AT&T or Verizon cellular providers to tap into excellent service in your area. In a location with poor signal? PayPlus can use an Ethernet connection for uninterrupted sales.

Keep your credit card readers running and selling. The PayPlus card reader has a sleek, durable design that attracts customers through its elegant form factor and engaging screen. Utilize custom logos and advertisements to effectively communicate with your customers.

Deploy PayPlus quickly and effectively. Devices are activated upon shipment – making it easy for you to install and go. Installing in bulk? Our team will work with you to create a plan for installation. Whether it’s one machine or thousands, going cashless has never been easier.

PayPlus connects natively with Parlevel’s Vending Management System (VMS). Through the VMS, you can use information collected by PayPlus to make informed decisions about your business to positively impact your bottom line. View analytics about cashless sales, receive machine alerts and identify sales trends to optimize machines. Utilize routing, prekitting, warehouse tools, product merchandising, and other powerful features to maximize your return on investment.

PayPlus card readers are a rugged, reliable, 4G, EMV compliant device that will help you boost sales across your entire operation. Want to learn more about PayPlus? Contact us today to get started.

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