PicoCooler Vision is a large capacity smart cooler that creates an effortless unattended grab & go retail experience through automatic product recognition technology. With a vast capacity for merchandising, operators open the door to enhanced consumer convenience across a wider variety of location types. 

Have questions about PicoCooler Vision? This FAQ provides an overview of PicoCooler Vision, the innovative retail solution designed for businesses aiming to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency. Read more to find answers to common questions about PicoCooler Vision and its versatile capabilities.  

Self Service Technology Solution - 365 PicoCooler


How do customers purchase items from this device?
Customers can purchase items from the PicoCooler Vision by unlocking the device, taking their items, and walking away.
The device doors are unlocked by either using a credit, debit card or mobile wallet, or by scanning the QR code within the 365Pay app. When they remove their items, a series of cameras use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine which items were taken. After the doors are closed, the customer’s account is charged the proper amount.

Do customers need to scan the products on the PicoCooler Vision device?
No, the customer does not scan any product on the PicoCooler Vision Device.

How does the machine know what was selected?
The PicoCooler Vision device uses a series of five cameras and AI machine learning to determine what items were taken by the customer.

What type of locations benefit from a PicoCooler Vision?
High-traffic, semi-public areas are often underserved. With the security of PicoCooler Vision, operators can tap into these spaces, including gyms, hospitals, hotels, and university campuses. They also make a great replacement for vending machines in high-value locations, allowing operators to profit more from high-margin items.

What types of products can be sold with this technology?
The items that are best recognized by the AI recognition software are prepackaged foods, such as those found in vending machines and micro markets. These items provide the best experience for consumers.

How much product can the PicoCooler Vision hold?
300 20oz drinks. The PicoCooler Vision has four adjustable shelves and one fixed shelf (bottom). In order for the computer vision to accurately record items taken, the items should be at least four inches wide and tall.

What does the operator use to manage the PicoCooler Vision from?
The management tools for this device are: 

  • 365Ops app  -  Back-office operational insights
  • ADM - planogram and inventory management 

Can an operator set up a new PicoCooler Vision in their VMS system?
Yes, an operator can set up a new PicoCooler Vision in an existing VMS system.

What is a Pre-Auth?
A Pre-Auth (short for pre-authorization) is an initial transaction used to limit access to products to only those that have a verifiable payment method available, with available funds. 365 uses a pre-auth transaction with its controlled-access products like PicoCooler Vision.

Why is a Pre-Auth important?
A pre-auth protects the operator by limiting the financial exposure they have when deploying an unattended, controlled-access retail solution that accepts cashless payments.  

  • If the customer does not have enough funds available to purchase a typical item in your controlled-access cabinet or cooler, then the Pre-Auth will set a minimum amount of funds that must be available on a consumer’s card before they can purchase items. 
  • If the final purchase amount exceeds the amount pre-authorized for transaction, 365 will attempt an incremental authorization for the additional amount, using the card presented by the consumer when unlocking. Incremental authorization handling is dependent on card issuer and payment type, with varying incremental caps in place.

When will the pre-auth come off the customer’s statement?
Similar to the above, the pre-auth may take some time to come off the statement, as the banking institution is responsible for the removal once the final charge is sent

When will the final charge appear on the customer’s statement?
The final charge is sent immediately upon settlement of the shopping cart to the bank. However, it may not show immediately, as this is dependent on how quickly your bank processes the information. 

PicoCooler Vision is not just a retail solution; it’s a tool for business growth and increased customer satisfaction. To unlock these exciting possibilities or dive deeper into what PicoCooler Vision can offer your business, reach out to our team with the form below. Together, we can redefine retail experiences and elevate your business to new heights. 

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