Say hello to Stockwell! Stockwell is a smart store made to maximize your convenience. Featuring just Stockwell walk away technology and multiple payment options, checkout is easy. You simply pay, grab, and go!

Stockwell walk away technology

Enjoy your favorite snack, drink, meal or other on-the-go items such as travel & beauty essentials, personal hygiene products, and even branded merchandise.

Here is how to check out on Stockwell:

Step 1: Issue payment at the terminal with either a credit card, debit card or Apple Pay or Google Pay. Or you can pay via the 365pay app by scanning the QR code.

  • If paying with Credit Card or Mobile Payment, you will be prompted to choose how you would like to receive your receipt either by email or phone number. Or you can choose no receipt.

Step 2: Select your favorite products from the cabinets, if you want to choose from both cabinets, make sure to open the other cabinet before you close the initial one. Stockwell closes the transaction soon after both doors are closed.

Step 3: Close the door and go! You will be sent your receipt via the option you previously selected.

If you want to browse and check the price of the items being sold at Stockwell, simply search it on the browse feature on the payment terminal. You can also use the payment terminal to change the cooler’s language.

The power and convenience of Stockwell walk away technology is evident in its easy checkout process. Check out with Stockwell today and enjoy better convenience!

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