Seamless. Effortless. Complete. Secure. These are just a few of the words that describe the 365 Connected Campus℠ and what it brings to your employees and facilities.

The 365 Connected Campus seamlessly connects your MicroMarket, OCS, and Vending technologies using a Global Market Account (GMA) and the 365Pay app. All your consumers need to utilize 365 technology is an account and the mobile app. So easy! Most importantly, your consumers can rest assured that their personal information will be secure, with safety features at every touchpoint.

Let’s get to know the technologies within the platform and how they can help your company refresh and restart after the pandemic.

365Pay app

The 365Pay app provides a contactless solution for your employees that allows them to pay directly from their phones. Their unique QR code gives them a checkout experience that is safe, quick, and easy. Your customers can also earn reward points, add funds/set up auto-funding, and view purchase history directly from their phone.


Customers coming back to work need fresher, faster, and more convenient ways to snack. The 365 PicoCooler provides more product versatility, with a comprehensive and healthier snack and beverage selection. With its simple three-step checkout process via the 365Pay app, the PicoCooler keeps customers happy and coming back. In addition, this high-tech cooler can be locked or unlocked, which allows you to use it just like a micro-market. It’s a grab-and-go convenience that your customers need. The 365 PicoCooler is a great way to reinvent your aging vending machines and bring foodservice convenience everywhere your customers need better options.

V5 kiosk

The v5 kiosk has been transforming breakrooms around the world since 2015 with an unattended retail experience that is reliable, secure, and safe. This customizable and flexible kiosk creates worry-free checkout via the 365Pay app, an intuitive digital experience, and reliable uptime. With over 35k locations worldwide, the v5 is the industry standard and essential for today’s consumers.


The 365 Beacon is a Bluetooth, plug-and-play solution that will transform your markets into a completely touchless experience. 365Beacon provides consumers with a safe, quick, and easy way to check out via Bluetooth technology and the 365Pay app. It can be paired with any 365 technology or can be used standalone.


The 365 PicoMarket brings convenience to smaller locations, adds to your OCS offering, and can streamline the checkout experience in larger markets. The PicoMarket provides your customers with a comprehensive checkout experience with the flexibility to fit your business needs. The PicoMarket’s flexibility will allow you to scale as you bring your workers back to the office and is lower in cost than traditional vending.

Coming Soon!

PicoCooler Breeze

Want to make purchasing items at your PicoCooler even easier? Need more insight on inventory and greater security? The PicoCooler Breeze expands your PicoCooler by adding weighted shelves connected to an intelligent controller. In addition, the sensor automatically detects when products are removed, eliminating the need for consumers to scan the barcode on the Pico terminal. The 365 PicoCooler Breeze is an innovative, unattended retail solution that brings you both comfort and control.


Employees coming back to work need a one-stop-shop, so they don’t have to make extra stops on the way to work or go offsite in the middle of the day for their caffeine. Fuel the day by adding PicoCoffee to your OCS space or coffee corner with this simple and cashless payment system via the 365Pay app. PicoCoffee fits on machines and in spaces both big and small.

The way we work has changed because of the pandemic, and the 365 Connected Campus will help ensure a smooth transition back to the new normal that so many of us are trying to navigate.

Learn more about how a personalized 365 partnership can help you charge forward and build a one-of-a-kind self-service program at your location.